How It Works

The Distracted Driving Device prevents texting and driving in the only truly reliable way, by putting the drivers’ phone out of sight and out of reach. The car wont start unless their phone is on the dock. The device works by pairing with your phone, and if the phone is removed from the dock, a notification is sent to the device administrator. The device still allows drivers to use voice commands to send text messages, make a call or to play music. In the case of an emergency the phone can be safely removed from the dock without impairing the cars function. However the notification will still be sent to the device administrator. Drive with your phone out of reach and out of sight, eliminating all distractions with the Distracted Driving Device.


Protect Your Loved Ones

End your worrying with just a glance of the Distracted Driving Device app.

Truly Stop Distracted Driving

You spent $100’s, maybe even $1,000 to buy your teen a cell phone. It’s time to consider buying a product that will save their life. Why do we say the Distracted Driving Device is the only way to truly end distracted driving? The same reasons why we’re endorsed by multiple, major cell phone carriers. The FCC compliant Distracted Driving Device is the only option that keeps the phone out of reach and out of sight, and can’t be disabled. There are also no recurring fees, so once your device is installed, it’s yours for life.



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Distracted Driving Device

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