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Easy Installation

Installation is simple, and can be completed easily at your local dealership and most auto repair shops.

Safely Locks Phone

Once the driver’s phone has been paired with the device, it must be placed inside the DDD Dock each time the driver wants to start the vehicle.

Bluetooth Support

Use of a docked phone for hands-free calls or hands-free texting is not hindered by the device, as long as Bluetooth is enabled.

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Annual Driving Accidents


Teen Deaths Every Day


Percentage of All Accidents


Deaths per year

Our Mission

Safety starts at home, and old habits die hard. You do everything you can to protect your family, so why would you let them risk their lives over a text message? Our mission is to eliminate distracted driving, and to convince future generations of drivers to put down their phones and make our roads a safer place for everyone.


Protect Your Loved Ones

End your worrying with just a glance of the Distracted Driving Device app.


No Engine Shut-Off

To prevent any safety concerns about the interaction of the phone with the starter kill, the DDD is not capable of shutting off the vehicle once it has been started. If the phone is removed while the vehicle is in motion, the DDD Dock will only “tattletale” on the driver and will not allow the driver to start the vehicle again once it is turned off until the learned phone is placed inside of the DDD Dock.

Emergency Calling – 911

It is still possible to call 911 using a hands-free device or by removing the phone from the glove box to place the call. Removing the phone from the glove box will trigger a “tattletale” event that is sent to the administrator.

Administrator Notifications

The administrator phone can be notified when the driver’s behavior does not comply with the usage policy set by the solution.

Phone Pairing and Learning

The dock is capable of learning multiple phone devices. A pairing button will initiate the pairing with phones. Also, a power LED and a status LED provides feedback of the Dock’s functionality.

PADD Proudly Supports Distracted Driving Device

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Truly Stop Distracted Driving

You spent $100’s, maybe even $1,000 to buy your teen a cell phone. It’s time to consider buying a product that will save their life. Why do we say the Distracted Driving Device is the only way to truly end distracted driving? The same reasons why we’re endorsed by multiple, major cell phone carriers. The FCC compliant Distracted Driving Device is the only option that keeps the phone out of reach and out of sight, and can’t be disabled. There are also no recurring fees, so once your device is installed, it’s yours for life.



Introductory Offer
$125 Deposit with $45/mo over 6 months

Distracted Driving Device

Compatible with Smart Phones

Control Vehicle Operation

Auto Text Messaging on Device Status

*Works with all phones and cellular carriers.
* Tesla Models Supported Soon

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