Protect Your Loved Ones

Our device is the best solution to limit driver distractions and improve overall driver safety. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by a traffic accident. Make a change for the better and insure safety by limiting driver distractions.

Safely Locks Phone
Once the driver’s phone has been paired with the device, it must be placed inside the DDD Dock each time the driver wants to start the vehicle.

Administrator Notifications
The administrator phone will be notified when the driver’s behavior does not comply with the usage policy set by the owner or administrator of the vehicle or device.

Phone Pairing and Learning
The dock is capable of learning multiple phone devices. A pairing button will initiate the pairing with phones. Also, a power LED and a status LED provides feedback of the Dock’s functionality.

Quick to Install
The device is very quick to install and must be installed by a licensed or certified mechanic.

Bluetooth Compatible

Emergency Calling – 911
It is still possible to call 911 using a hands-free device .

Less Distractions

Distracted Driving is a leading cause of traffic accidents worldwide. Our device keeps the distraction out of the hands of drivers and makes driving that much safer for drivers, passengers and people on or near roadways.

Prevent Car Crashes

Distracted drivers are 4 times more likely to be involved in a crash than those who are focused on driving. Our device is the best solution to this problem.

Stop The Epidemic

Countries around the globe are taking action to stop distracted driving. In the United States, new laws and new education initiatives are developing.
People Against Distracted Driving PADD

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